• Client bluO
  • Categories Analytics, Application

A niche application specifically developed for e-Commerce, this application establishes a new marketing paradigm for the Mobile Platform. This system monitors all firm marketing strategies and is designed for large volume.


    • Build on Adobe Air
    • Backend: PHP and MySQL
    • Seamless integration and designed for complete User Interaction satisfaction
    • Provides a complete marketing program that rewards customer loyalty, retains existing customers, and entices new customers
    • Features a robust, desktop/web application Content Management System with facilities implemented to support corporate presence and insure effective information controls in real-time


    • Extensive application which is browser agnostic and can be used to update any kind of website
    • Facilitates composing and editing of interactive content
    • Permits instant Update / Add text functionality
    • Instantly add new images capability
    • Upload and manage rich media files
    • Manage Multilingual Programs